Use the Best Software and Tools

Senin, 02 Februari 2009

Let’s start with the basic design of your site. Don’t take shortcuts or look for quicker ways to put it together that are going to ultimately result in a poor site design or bad content. Being an amateur is no excuse for poor quality.

Do your research. Stay on top of products and software that will benefit you and your website. After all, if you walk into a clothing store and all the clothes are hanging from clotheslines, are you going to buy anything there? What about if all the clothes are strewn all over the floor? Of course not. You don’t want your visitors to experience a similar experience and navigate away after seeing your site.
Site Building Software If you choose, you can use a free template for your site.
However, you want your site to look professional, so look at some related sites before you decide.There is also software that can help you design your own professional site with little or no HTML skills. Programs like Microsoft FrontPage make it easy. If you aren’t going to hire someone to do your site, consider using a professional template or software. Putting your best effort into doing it
without any help is admirable, but if you fail in creating a good site, your efforts won’t be rewarded with returning visitors and a high CTR. Take the time to do it right the first time. If you don’t have Microsoft FrontPage, you can always use a professional template. By signing up for an membership, you have access to free professional templates as well as other useful resources.

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