More Than One Site

Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

If you have more than one site, link them together so your sites share traffic. Some Webmasters believe that having more than one domain for their single site increases their search engine ranking, but they are wrong. Crawlers usually only index information once, and so that just may be a waste of your time and money.
However, if you do have more than one complete site, by linking them together, you can increase traffic to both, and by doing that, raise your ranking. There isn’t any magical formula to increase your ranking, so if it seems easy and too good to be true, like in life, it probably is.

Google Site Maps
Site maps are not only a way to let your customers know exactly is what on your site and where, it also helps the Google spiders index your site. By going to, you can find out how to create a site map. They will ask you to upload a blank file to your site for verification purposes. After that, you will let Google know exactly where your site map is and your site will be indexed accordingly. Google is Webmaster and search engine optimization friendly in addition to being one of the most popular search engines. Be sure to take advantage of every tool they offer you to increase your ranking with them.

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