Advertising on Other Sites

Minggu, 08 Februari 2009

We know you have ads on your site to make money. Those that have ads on your site are paying for them so traffic comes to their site and they make money too. You’re going to want to do the same. It’s your turn to use the search engines. Find high ranking sites whose content is related to yours, but isn’t a competitor. Let’s go back to the basket-weaving example. If you have a basket-weaving site, advertising on a site that sells products to basket weavers would be xcellent exposure for you.

Just remember that advertising does not have to be expensive, but that the cheapest dvertising can sometimes cost you the most. Beware of placing ads on sites that aren’t ranked that high with search engines or who don’t have a lot of traffic. Even though their cost for you to advertise on their site may be low, if you’re not going to get any traffic from it, you’ve wasted your money. After you’ve found some good sites for your ads, make sure you’re happy with their ad placement. Observe their site design and content much like you have your own in the
previous paragraphs. Some sites put ads on the bottoms of their pages. Is there anything that’s going to direct the visitor to the bottom of your page? You want your ads to be visible and to blend into the layout of the page. By doing all of this, you’ll do as much as you can to insure the ad you place is worth your money.

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