Senin, 02 Februari 2009

Meta tag site descriptions are not read by Google crawlers because they generate their own descriptions for the page, but other search engines still use them. The best way to come up with your site description is to use the first one or two sentences of text on the page. It’s worth your time to use this tag because it gives you some control with various crawlers.

Geo Targeting
If you offer a product or service to a certain city or geographical area, you can specify that in your keywords and description. Doing this may be very crucial in drawing in targeted traffic from search engines. However, avoid just naming small areas because that limits the customers that can find you. If you’re a northern California chiropractor, don’t just list the county or city your business is in. Always aim for the larger audience to get the maximum results from search engines.

Robot Tags
Robot tags let you specify what pages on your site are indexed. Robot tags go in your header, but you can also create a text file. The text file will be the first thing they “read” when they’re on your site. By using the text file, you can specify which pages not to index and insure only the content you want in the search engines will appear. To create a robot.txt file, go to Update Regularly Updating your site with fresh, new content not only keeps the visitors and customers you have coming back, it also gives you a chance to rank higher in the search engines. During updates, you should not only update content, but also your keywords (key phrases), description, and title. Sometimes as sites grow, they expand their subject matter and products and transform. This should be reflected in every aspect of your pages, not just the parts the public views, so your traffic (visitors and customers) increase as your site grows. Remember, more traffic not only means more business for you. It also means more people can click on your AdSense ads, which makes money for you.

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