Opt-in Mailing List

Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

Creating a chance for your customers and visitors to stay up to date with site changes, sales, specials, and contests is a great way to increase traffic to your site. Visitors who do not buy anything can sign up, and this provides you with a
way to keep them coming back to your site. You could also create a survey that they receive when they sign up. Just be sure they know this and that the survey is optional. Getting visitor feedback about their experiences on your site can be invaluable. By doing this, you’ll learn what the majority want and be able to keep your site in tune with

your visitors’ needs.
There are several software programs that you can pay for which will help you set up and organize a mailing list. You can also do it yourself for free by creating simple HTML forms on your site. The results can be stored in a database or emailed directly to you. Visit http://www.htmlbasix.com for a free e-mail form html code. You can also use Yahoo groups as the site below has done. This gives your visitors a chance to interact, and it’s a way for a Webmaster to keep them updated.

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