Preparing Your Site for Ads

Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

How much traffic does your site receive per month?
How many are unique visitors and how many are returning?
What keywords are you using?
How high does your site rank in the search engines?

Being successful with AdSense goes hand in hand with website success. The better your site is organized and the higher you’re ranked, the more visitors you have. The more professional of a job you do, the more you’re going to see success with AdSense. There are ways to construct your site and things you can do to bring more visitors and keep those same ones returning. Also, there are things you can do to make more visitors click through your AdSense ads. Know your traffic stats and your search engine rankings. Those are the numbers you want to improve and the first steps to success with AdSense. It’s time to start your own SEO campaign. You won’t see the results over night, but you will see them.

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