Google AdWords

Minggu, 08 Februari 2009

Google Adwords is a way for you to advertise your site. Registration is comprehensive and is not something you should rush through. They will allow you to pick keywords and key phrases and set the price you’re willing to pay per click. Unlike other sites that are mere ad banks, Google
AdWords allows you to target your audience in the same way they do with AdSense. Your ad will only appear on search pages and websites related to your site, using the keywords and key phrases you’ve chosen. The higher your click-thru rate and click-thru price is, the higher you’ll rank in their ads.

The screen shot below shows an example of Google AdWords. The sponsored links on the right of the page are paid for by websites and Webmasters through AdWords. Of course, in this instance, one of the keywords they used was ‘google.’ The Webmaster will pay a set amount per click for each visitor that clicks through the ad below to his/her site.

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