Contests on Your Site

Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

Freebies from contests or from drawings keep people coming back. Everyone wants something free. But in addition, it can also bring people in. Employ this marketing technique that you now use for your current visitors and customers to your search engine optimization program. Have a contest that lasts for a few months. Give away a
prize related to the products or service your site offers. For example, if you’re an accounting site that sells software, offer a free software package for the winner. Then, change your keywords (key phrases) to reflect free accounting software. I think everyone searches for free products and services from time to time, if not frequently.

Don’t you?
Why not lure more traffic in by giving away something free
yourself? Sales and Specials If you’re selling something from your site, which you
probably are, you have sales and specials from time to time. Why not update your tags to reflect this? Sales and specials should not only be available to your current customers and visitors, but used to also bring new ones in. Updating your tags to reflect this is a free form of advertising and gives you another way to rank in the search engines. Give away free trials too, if you can afford to do so. Companies that offer free trials of their software are doing it, convinced that you will buy it once you try it, but it also attracts search engine customers looking for something free.

The more your site comes up in the search engines, the more successful you’re going to be.

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