SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Minggu, 01 Februari 2009

As said before, click through rates with any ad program, especially AdSense, depend on the number of visitors you have to your site. The more visitors you have, the higher the number of visitors who are going to click through an ad. That is just common sense. Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves your site’s page architecture, content, links to your site, and other determining factors that rank your site higher with the search engines. Things like popular keywords and key
phrases help you gain higher rank as well. By doing all of this and learning how to optimize your site, you are going to increase targeted traffic to your site. Increased targeted traffic means a higher CTR for you.

Professional SEO Services
There are companies out there who will provide SEO services to you and your site. They will optimize your pages, build links, and get your site ranked higher in the
search engines. Prices for these services vary based upon experience. If you’re going to hire someone to optimize your site, check them out and ask many questions. It’s recommended that you learn basic SEO on your own so that you can easier spot a qualified company.

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