One Way Links

Minggu, 08 Februari 2009

One-way links are links to your site placed on other sites, without you having to return the favor by placing a link to their site on yours (reciprocal links). These are harder to get than reciprocal links. The more legitimate links you have back to your site, the higher you’re going to rank in the search engines and the more traffic you’re going to receive. You do not want to contact any site that could be in competition with yours at all. Instead, you want to target sites whose visitors would also be interested in what you offer. For example, you own a gift basket site. That’s all you do. You want to place one-way links on other sites. Don’t target sites that sell the products you put in your gift baskets or sites that sell different types of gift baskets than
you. Look for sites that sell other gift ideas, like online flower shops or singing telegram sites.
These sites in no way compete with yours, but you can offer their visitors other interesting options. Approach the site owner or Webmaster with that in mind. Tell them how placing a link to your site would benefit them and their customers. “Your customers may want to send a gift along with flowers, and would appreciate that you made their search easier for them.” You may even want to offer them a discount on your site or a free sample of your products.

When looking for sites, notice the ones that have a section for recommended sites. Those are usually one-way links, and those sites will probably be willing to add yours to the list if you can present them with a reason why they should recommend your site to their visitors.

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