Have the Right Amount of Content

Senin, 02 Februari 2009

At the same time, don’t put too little on a page. Having one
paragraph on a page makes it look like your site has nothing
to offer, and the customer has little to gain by venturing to
other pages. Address the topic of the page and cover it well.
It’s crucial to successful ad revenue to organize your pages
well. If you have ads ¾ of the way down the page, but
you’ve bored the customer before he got halfway down the
page, then you’ve lost ad revenue. For the same reason, if
you don’t have enough information and the customer
doesn’t click through to other pages where there are ads,
again, you’ve lost revenue.
Think of your website as a book. There always has to be
enough to make them turn the page, but not so much that
they know how the story ends after reading the first
This site below doesn’t have enough content on the page to
support Google AdSense. Half the page is blank. The
solution here would be to move the ads up into the content
or move them to another page. To a visitor, the site looks
like it’s missing something it needs. Besides that, the ads
really stand out as just that: ads.

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