Senin, 02 Februari 2009

Keyword Rich Content
Implement as many keywords as you can into your content. Crawlers search content as well, and the more popular keywords you can work in, the better. Remember that you
are going to have a better CTR for AdSense if you have more visitors. To have more visitors, you must have quality, optimized content in order to gain, then maintain a good search engine ranking.

Meta Tag keywords are placed in the header of your webpages and represent the content of that page using single words or brief phrases. The words or phrases used
are ones search engine crawlers will pick up when they index your site and also the ones someone using a search enginemight type in to find your site. It’s obvious to say that you should use Meta tag keywords that are relevant to your site’s content. Don’t add any keywords that have nothing to do with your site. Crawlers may be essentially robots, but they do surf content as well, and you can be banned from search engines. List your products or services, any other applicable terms,
and even well known competitors if you want. It’s important to have good keywords (or key phrases). There is software out there that helps you pick keywords and allows you to maximize your keywords so that the ones you use are the
ones most frequently used by search engines, just research before you buy.

Keyword Generators
The best way to select keywords is to choose ones that are already searched for frequently. There's no need to pay for a keyword generator unless you want to. Overture will give you the top 25 keywords that were typed into search engines for the previous month. Just enter a term related to your page. Bookmark this site for whenever you create a new page:

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