Site Design

Senin, 02 Februari 2009

Websites should have a clear, clean design with the focus being on the information, product, or service you offer. Put away those fancy backgrounds because they just distract from the text.

The content on your site should stand out, not the background. Any colors you use should be pleasing to the eye and not clash. Take the time to visit some larger sites
on the Internet for different companies and corporations. While you may be just one person or a small company, you should display the same level of professionalism in your design.

Stick with the traditional light or white background for text. Other darker colors should be used for side columns and to dress up the white, not to take over and distract the reader from what you really want them to notice. It’s important to remember that you’re bringing the visitor to your site to read the content, not to be blinded by your incredible use of color or the beautiful background. So, focus on the content. Make it visible and make it the focus. Site Content Your site’s content is very important to your search engine ranking. If you’re an online florist, do not type online florist repeatedly on your first page with the hopes of tricking the search engines into giving your site a higher ranking. You’ll just be banned. However, it’s very important to have keywords placed in your legitimate text because spiders and crawlers will pick those up.

Quality content can help you rank higher in the search engines, but it also keeps visitors coming back. Site traffic is not only essential to the site itself and the business it represents, but also to your AdSense CTR. A certain percentage of your traffic will ultimately click through your ads. The more traffic you have, the more visitors that will click through your ads.

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