Free Content for Websites

Senin, 02 Februari 2009

There are sites that will provide you with free content for your site, including articles, polls, quizzes, etc. You can use those that relate to your site’s content in exchange for a link back. Articles and quizzes can draw more visitors to your
site, but remember the content must be quality. If you wrap up a big box for a Christmas present for someone, but fill the box with garbage, they’re not going to be impressed. It’s the same way with content. Remember that the more quality content you have, the more your visitors are going to trust that the ads you display are quality, as well. And the more interesting content you have, the more keywords you’ll use. It’ll make your site more prominent in the search engines. All this translates to more visitors and a higher CTR with AdSense. and are two of many sites that offer free content to Webmasters.

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