Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

How does marketing your site help your advertising revenue? It’s simple. By marketing your products or service and bringing people to your site for those products or services, you are increasing the number of visitors. The ads on your pages are targeted for your content and what your site offers, so when you bring in targeted visitors through your marketing campaigns, those visitors are likely
to click through your ads.

Marketing is a trial and error procedure. Certain methods work well for some sites, and not so well for others. Monitor your site stats and traffic logs with each new marketing campaign you try. See what works well for you, and permanently implement the programs that bring you more traffic as well as higher CTR or click through rates.

Page Title
Let’s take a step back to page architecture for a minute. While whether you build your site using CSS or frames doesn’t have an impact on your site’s success, other factors do.

A lot of webmasters use the title tag in each of their pages to name their website or company so that it appears at the top of the visitor’s browser. It looks good, but it does nothing for the site’s success. Use your title tag to give a brief description of what your site offers. A potential new customer is not going to type the name of your site into a search engine, but they will type in the 15
products or services you offer. For example, Joe’s Place sells used car parts online. So does Albert’s Virtual Garage. Joe’s Place has “Your online stop for foreign and domestic used car parts” as his title. Albert’s simply has “Welcome to
Albert’s Garage” When someone types “used car parts” into a search engine, who are they more likely to find? Joe’s Place, of course.

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